The seventh art, sometimes so little valued as such, is a great window to other worlds. Real or imaginary, the armchair can be a scenario of evasion in which to forget the problems, or immersion in other realities.

For Jean Luc Godard he looked more like the second. He said that “photography is true, and cinema is true 24 times a second.” Many more times we can see that truth since Godard uttered this phrase, but the truth is that, at any speed, cinema has the magic Ability to grow personally and, sometimes, much more.

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Philadelphia (1993)


A popular drama in which Tom Hanks is a gay lawyer who is fired from the law firm where he works when his bosses learn he has contracted AIDS. He tries to sue the company, but no lawyer wants to defend his case. This drama earned him Oscar for best actor to Hanks, who reflected the difficulties, the incomprehension and the stigma that suffered those who suffered this disease.

A 1985 US survey found that 51% of the population thought that AIDS patients should be quarantined, such as a ‘ Blindness Test’, but with HIV. In addition, and even more surprising, for 15% it would be appropriate for these patients to be identified with tattoos (which also brings unfortunate memories).

‘Philadelphia’ was the first film in the Hollywood industry to address homophobia and the AIDS problem and helped to normalize and raise public awareness by putting a taboo subject on the table and helping to partially eliminate Stigma that still exists today, survives in our society.

A Girl in the River (2015)


A Girl in the River



Short documentary by Pakistani director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, ‘A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness’ addresses the issue of so-called ‘honor killings’. The protagonist is Saba Qaiser, a 19-year-old girl who fell in love with someone who was not appropriate according to her family. Her father and uncle beat her up and shot her in the face for having hurt her family honor. They put his body in a bag and threw it into the river.

However Saba managed to survive, but the physical aftermath and the big scars on the face are nothing compared to the social stigma that will drag for the rest of his life.

There is a legal vacuum in that country that produces about 1,000 honor killings every year, and that alone in Pakistan.

Obad-Chinoy himself affirmed when collecting the Oscar for the best documentary short film that the prime minister showed his willingness to change the law on crimes of honor after watching the film. “That’s the power of cinema,” said the director.

The Day of Tomorrow (2004)


The Day of Tomorrow



Fictional feature film in which a large block of ice escapes from Antarctica. When the oceans receive too much water, the sea currents, which are responsible for the stability of the climate, are affected. The result: a new ice age. Hail, hurricanes and tornadoes devastate the main cities of the world.

Although it did not have much success on the part of the critic was one of the box-office films of 2004.

According to research conducted by Yale University, “the film seems to have had a strong influence on the perception of global warming‚ÄĚ.


Super Size Me (2004)

Super Size Me


Morgan Spurlock’s¬†well-known documentary¬†¬†¬†on junk food.¬†He dedicated himself to eating, for a month, only¬†¬†McDonald’s products¬†.¬†By the end of the experiment,¬†he had gained 11 kilograms.¬†His doctor told him that “he had cholesterol levels shot and the liver of an alcoholic.”

The documentary opened the debate on the healthiness of fast food¬†¬†, and the truth is that, a few weeks after the documentary premiere, McDonald’s began a wash of image that lasts until today (they even¬†¬†changed their corporate color¬†¬†to a “¬†healthier¬†” green “) And have been introducing healthier products (in some cases, in some cases).

Blackfish (2013)




Another documentary, which shows the consequences of submitting to captivity, in this case the¬†killer whales¬†.¬†Do not forget that orcas¬†are predators, so enclosing them for shows endangers animals and “trainers”.

Joe Morgenstern¬†wrote in the Wall Street Journal: “Very convincing, ‘Blackfish’ opposes the very conception of the water parks that make gigantic creatures into s¬†for the entertainment¬†of society.”

In 2015 The US Company SeaWorld, dedicated to the exploitation of¬†marine animal theme parks, eliminated¬†its show with an orca to focus on another dedicated to the “natural behavior of¬†whales¬†“, but also in captivity.

Cathy Come Home (1966) – Full cast and crew

Cathy Come Home



A British telefilm that tells the story of a young couple well avenue. One good day he gets hurt and loses his job, is evicted and faces a life of poverty and unemployment.

Its release caused great social outrage in the UK.¬†“Homelessness had not been in the spotlight before,” said¬†Ken Loach, the director of the drama.

Following its issuance, the first charitable organization for the protection of the homeless was founded in the¬†United Kingdom¬†.¬†In Spain the problem of homelessness has been put on the table a few years later, but the seventh art has given good account of it with works like¬†‘Techo y Comida’¬†,¬†‘Cerca de tu Casa’¬†or the documentary¬†‘La Farm of the Pas’¬†on the Platform of Affected by the Mortgage of Sabadell, all of 2015.

Rosetta (1999)


Winner of the Cannes Palme d’Or for the performance of¬†√Čmilie Dequenne¬†, this Belgian drama tells the story of a 17 year old girl with few¬†resources¬†who lives in a¬†caravan¬†with her alcoholic mother and her desperate search of work to get out of that precarious situation.

The magazine Fotogramas published on the film that “the result of that language that the fiction borrows from the documentary is¬†doubly suffocating¬†and, consequently, the aesthetic acquires ethical connotations”.

It really should have been, because that same year¬†the Belgian Parliament passed the ‘Rosetta Law’¬†to protect the rights of adolescent workers.

Trevor (1994)


He again addresses the issue of homosexuality, but in another context. In this case the one of a boy of 13 years who happens to be marginalized and mistreated by his companions to the point of trying to end his life. Awarded an Oscar in the category of best short fiction.

After opening the film, its director, Peggy Rajski, promoted, with the help of mental health experts, a hotline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or young people with sexual identity.

The End of the Line (2009)

The End of the Line

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British production documentary denouncing the devastating effect of overfishing on our seas. It bases its approach on the near extinction of the bluefin tuna, derived from the western boom of the taste for the sushi and it crosses the Straits of Gibraltar, the coasts of Senegal, Alaska and the fish market of Tokyo to conclude that a world without fish would take to a massive famine.

More than 4 million viewers saw the documentary alone in the United Kingdom and c¬†contributed to sensitize the cause, as several of the¬†country’s¬†most important retailers changed their fish collection policies.

Selma (2014)


An American film based on the Martin Luther King Jr. campaign to ensure equal civil rights. It focuses on the last stage, the march from Selma to Montgomery (Alabama) in 1965, which led President Lyndon B. Johnson to pass the law on the voting rights of black citizens.

The film tries and makes it clear that, despite everything that has been done, much remains to be done.¬†As¬†Ann Hornaday¬†explained¬†in the Washington Post, “Selma invites viewers to listen to their¬†story¬†, meditate on its implications and allow those images to once again change our hearts and minds.”¬†A necessary reflection considering recent cases of extreme racially-motivated police violence.

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