Top Animated Movies of 2014

Here’s the Top Animated Movies of 2014 . You can  Download mp4 Movies of this genre easily.

1. Big Hero 6

Big heroBig Hero 6 starts as one of those cherished childhood adventures (which taste left by all public) with great characters who are preparing to live an unforgettable adventure, in this case, a boy and a robot. Big Hero 6 ends up being one of these disappointing and unbearable superhero adventure with lots of explosions, large-scale destruction, clowns exaggerated powers and villains. Junk food for the masses. This is has arrived. Never mind that the plot admit it or not, the superhero and his film repetitive pattern are missing.Movie Download  Count of this Movie is very large.


2. The Lego Movie

LegoIt all takes place in a world where everything is made ​​up of Lego pieces. We are introduced to Emmet, a construction worker and generic Lego figure. The fact is that Emmet is perhaps the most ordinary, mundane and conformist character one can imagine. Every day in Emmet’s life looks like the other. He sees the same television programs, drink the same coffee, listening to the same music and build the same house, completely by the instructions drawn up by the city’s rulers Chairman Business.



3. Penguins of Madagascar

penguiPenguins, it is well known, are too cute or too cores, and just good to walk to leuleu tail and be subject to reporting. But it was not counting on Commander Dave Kowalski and who decide to take off and come to the rescue of a lost egg, which will create the most naive of them, Soldier.





4 The Book of Life

sfgsdfsdA unique film that has the achievement of being another film, without leaving the taste of the audience in general. Anyone can see it guys obviously enjoy their colour, adventure and action. Those who are tired of seeing always the same the more they will enjoy their refreshing originality and for large has a lot of content that will appreciate. A beautiful and moving film, for everyone. Listen to the full radial criticism in the player below the picture.



5. How to train your Dragon 2

dragonTrain Your Dragon 2 confirms these previous observations. The images reach an unexpectedly real spatial spectrum that lends itself to the usual animation, abstract drawn characters a more natural impression. As in real life, five years have passed in Berk, where the once drachenjagende village, has become a nation of dragons riders. Chief’s son Hicks will doubtless take in the near future Astrid to his wife, but he feels most comfortable but then alone with his dragon Toothless.


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