Fast X – New Action Movie Full Review

Fast X lives up to the hype it has always had. Cars. Racing. Heat? They have got plenty of that. And boy has Jason Momoa become HEAT the ultimate endgame. Next time, keep the air conditioning a little cooler. From his hilarious likenesses to great villain plots and obsession with hunting, this man has us hooked from the get-go. He brings out the viciousness that was not seen in most parts of the franchise. A sociopathic killer with motives for grand schemes and deadly showdowns with an obsessive flair for drama? I am with you. He pulled out all the stops and brought out a character dynamic we did not see coming. You can watch full movie Fast X Flixtor here for no cost.

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I am going to have my nails pressed into the seat for the next instalment. Let us be honest – what was pretty disappointing was that the crew did not join hands for the final showdown, it felt contorted and screamed fast and too furiously if you ask me. While the motive is obviously man versus man – Dom versus Dante – the Fast series has always thrived on the crew pulling out all the stops, and that was missing because the focus was ultimately on Dom and his son. Charlize Theron was a good character dynamic to watch along with Jason Statham, and how can we forget our muscular, handsome man, John Cena, who grew on us. If you want get updated to new movies on every weekend then Flixtor can be best choice for you.

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Let us talk about the elephant in the room – in this case, a very hot elephant, because Aimes has some serious targets. This man lived up to his role, and boy did he play it well. We were rooting for him, and suddenly that sinister smile? That made a lot of sense. Dante finally has hot men by his side? I’ll keep my eyes open and popcorn ready. Good lord, don’t we have enough hot men already? Speaking of Tropical Heat Tag Team, did anyone notice the room getting colder? Our favourite women brought the ultimate chill to the sweltering heat. The showdown between Cypher and Letty was fueled by different motives, but also the ultimate need to survive? Yikes, that punch looked bad, but do not worry, our girls are back and wait a minute – who do we have here? Gisele, aka our favourite villain, shows up like she just stopped climate change Are you feeling the collaboration yet? You know I am hooked.

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