Barbie Review: Greta Gerwig’s Barbieland Is Fantastic

Barbie is a really entertaining film that people of all ages can watch because, despite being vibrant and entertaining, the main plot does occasionally become emotional. Everyone in the theater laughed a few times at the movie’s comedy. The music and choreographed dances are also very enjoyable. This movie’s doll-like aesthetic, plastic and fake food and drink, lack of an engine in the cars, and doll-like movements and interactions between the actors and their surroundings were what I found to be most endearing. Watch online Barbie 2023 fantasy movie in HD quality on Afdah streaming site for free.

Barbie 2023

The dialogue is very cartoonish and enjoyable, as is the music and cinematography. The movie also makes many clever references to other works of art. Barbie used that opportunity to develop her character in a very effective way. The dialogue at the beginning is designed to sound like children are actually playing with those dolls. Even though some “agendas” are pushed throughout the film, it ultimately has a positive message and fulfills Barbie’s purpose of motivating girls and giving them a sense of self-worth.


The sheer number of details in this film is astounding; from the outfits to the numerous dolls, vehicles, animals, and homes, even the accessories were an exact match to what is currently being sold or was previously being sold. Aside from that, I didn’t see the antagonist coming and the plot twist coming, but that’s what I liked about the movie because I went in expecting to know what it was going to be about and was surprised. The movie is well paced and has a compelling story, so as it goes on you find yourself getting more and more into it. I definitely recommend it!

Barbie 2023

Overall, The Barbie Movie exceeded all of my expectations, and I strongly advise anyone who hasn’t seen it to do so. This is especially true if you have an open mind and, more importantly, an open heart. My current rating is a 9/10, but I have a feeling it will go up once I watch it again, which I will undoubtedly do. I believe the world could benefit greatly from this film.

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