The cinema of the genre zombie is living a golden age in the last years. In these, more and more zombie movies arrive. Now, in Zombeach , after having compiled the best works of the genre that has left us 2016 , we want to review the most anticipated works of zombies of 2017 . In this will arrive films very expected, from sequels of great successes of the sort to new stories in the celluloid and even some carried by sharks flying Nazi zombies .

‘Resident Evil: Final Chapter’

resident evil2017



The saga of films of ‘Resident Evil’, based on the video game homonymous of Capcom, returns in 2017 with which it will be, a priori, the last work of the saga. ‘ Resident Evil: Final Chapter ‘ promises to bring back Alice , the protagonist, to Raccoon City . There we will have the opportunity to see again hordes of zombies and monsters threatening humanity. ‘Palomitera’ and effective as the previous installments of the saga. Little more than asking a series of zombie movies that gives what it promises: zombies and action in springs. Reasons for leftovers to be one of the most awaited by the fans of the genre.

‘Sky Sharks’

sky sharks


One of the most anticipated zombie movies and sharks of the last few years will finally come in 2017. ‘Sky Sharks’ is full movie in which we will have the opportunity to see an army of shark flying Nazi zombies cause chaos. And they are also led by zombies. His trailer caused a sensation when it was shown. Since that time, the fans of the genre, like us, are waiting for the premiere of this German production.

‘World War Z 2’

In 2013 premiered ‘ World War Z ‘, starring Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Forster. It was not one of the best zombie movies but it did have a big blockbuster . This served to soon confirm that the tape would have a sequel that would be directed by the Spanish Juan Antonio Bayona. Nevertheless, this one ended up leaving the project at the beginning of this 2016.

The sequel would continue the plot of the first installment, in which at the end of it seemed that there was hope to survive the pandemic. However, there are no details on the subject of the film. What confirmed Paramount Pictures and the producer of Brad Pitt is that the film is scheduled to be released in June 2017 worldwide.

‘Zombieland 2’?

zombieland 2
We know that ‘ Zombieland 2 ‘, the sequel to ‘Welcome to Zombieland’ was confirmed in July by Sony. Also that began to shoot in summer of 2016, when the writers of the tape assured that already were working in her and that would return the original distribution of the film. However, it is unknown when the premiere will be. If the film was filmed in 2016, it would not be unreasonable to think that it would be possible for it to be released in 2017. bodrum escort

If it finally arrives, we will be able to see again in action to Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg, Tallahassse (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin). They will return to try to survive the apocalypse zombie, themselves and the rest Of humans that can be found, but the plot of the new tape is unknown at the moment, but there is no shortage of moments of humor and difficulties with and without zombies.

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