A Million Miles Away 2023 Review: An Inspirational True Story

Some of the best stories are the most inspiring, but biopics can fail the real people they are based on. This is especially true if the film in question focuses more on the message than the person centering it. Directed by Alejandra Márquez Abella from a script by Bettina Gilois and Hernán Jiménez, A Million Miles Away is based on the true story of José Hernández, the Mexican-American son of a farm worker who dreamed of being an astronaut and going to space. The way A Million Miles Away presents his story and presents Hernandez’s struggle is genuine, but it focuses so much on his space goals that it forgets to explore his inner life. Now you can stream A Million Miles Away 2023 full movie online in 1080p HD quality on Myflixer without any registration or subscription.

A Million Miles Away myflixer
José Hernández has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut and working for NASA. His elementary school teacher, Miss Young, sees how talented he is in mathematics and believes he can go far. After meeting his family, who travels to various farms in California for work, José’s father decides to keep the family in Stockton so that José doesn’t miss anything at school. Years later, José, now an adult, is now an engineer and gets a job that he wants to make his parents proud of. But he never forgot his goals as an astronaut, constantly applying for NASA’s space program, but kept receiving rejections one after another. With the support of his wife Adela, José works to acquire the skills necessary to turn NASA rejection into acceptance.
A Million Miles Away myflixer

There is a lot of heart in this biopic and it even has some touching moments. This story is inspired by Joseph’s perseverance and tenacity despite rejection. Achieving a dream takes its toll on José’s family over the years, and A Million Miles Away doesn’t shy away from showing how difficult one man’s pursuit of a goal can be for everyone close to him. There is a lot of sacrifice, frustration and guilt, and the biographical drama is about how those emotions affect José’s relationships, particularly the one he shares with Adela, whose own dreams are often put on hold. family. responsibility. The director is able to demonstrate, whether through montages or individual scenes, that it takes resilience and strength to overcome obstacles.

Peña also manages to elevate the film through his performance, his performance conveying an unwavering sense of José’s plight. It doesn’t always help that the film doesn’t delve into José’s interiority, but the actor does a lot with the material provided, showing the infinity of emotions that his character experiences at every moment. The one who steals the scene is probably Salazar, who does an intense job with the little he is given. A Million Miles Away rarely gives her a chance to do anything more than the role of supportive wife, but at least it’s related to the frustration he feels about José’s dreams and how sometimes his dreams have been strangled. Throughout the film, Salazar is impressive, conveying Adela’s love, jealousy, support, and fear; They are written very clearly on his face, even if he doesn’t always say them out loud.
A Million Miles Away myflixer

And while the biopic is a story about those who dream big despite the obstacles they face in life or the inequality built into the system, it reveals too much about José’s personal life, which hurts the story as a whole. José’s entire personality revolves around his dream of becoming an astronaut; He practically suffocates the character of him and prevents any development beyond that single goal. The characterizations are underdeveloped overall and more time could have been spent on other aspects of José’s life and relationships, which would have given him and the film more depth.

That aside, A Million Miles Away Myflixer is a kind, enjoyable, and moving biopic. It’s enough to keep you engaged and José Hernández’s story puts his dreams, perseverance and ambition front and center. And although it doesn’t go much beyond the surface, the film makes its point clearly and does so in a moving way. The build-up at least leads to an emotionally satisfying conclusion that will definitely strike a chord, regardless of any character development left behind along the way. You definitely watch this movie and enjoy with friends.

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