List of the great actor who have never won an Oscar:

Brad Pitt: Although Brad Pitt is one of the quintessential Hollywood stars, and that he has built a successful career in which he has managed to balance commercial cinema with author’s cinema and has made countless films, he has not yet managed to have a statuette at the Oscars. He has been nominated four times: the first time was in 1996 for his role in Twelve Monkeys, and once to produce Moneyball. Watch  Brad  Pitt latest Hollywood Afdah Movies at Free Streaming Site without cost.  brad-pitt-2019

Harrison Ford: It is impossible to calculate the collaboration of Harrison Ford for action and adventure movies. The actor gave life to Han Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones. In 2002 Ford was recognized with a Golden Globe for his professional career and, in 2010, he received an honorary César for his work. But he wasnominated for an Oscar only once in 1986, for Witness in danger.Harrison-Ford-2019

Tom cruise: It seems hard to believe, but Tom Cruise has never received an Oscar. He was nominated twice for Best Actor Award: in 1990 for Born on July 4 and in 1997 for Jerry Maguire – seduction and challenge. In 2000, he was nominated for recognition as Best Supporting Actor for Magnolia.


Jim Carrey: Although he is known for comedy roles, in 1998 the actor was the star of the movie The Truman Show. Jim Carey received a Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Actor for the performance of ” Truman Burbank “. But, apparently, the film did not please the jurors of the Oscar, since Carrey was not even nominated for the awards.


Robert Downey Jr.: Although in recent years he is known fundamentally for being ‘Iron Man 3 123Netflix‘, Downey Jr. has a great filmography behind him and not always in films as ‘easy’ as superhero titles. Robert Downey Jr. is so versatile that he went from being nominated for this role in 1993 to get back to the Oscar race in 2009 as best supporting actor in another crazy Ben Stiller comedy, ‘Tropic Thunder’, which you can see on Orange TV . Along the way he has collected a total of 39 awards among Globos, Emmys, Baftas and others.


Johnny Depp: This great actor has participated in a variety of popular films that filled the box office and won the unconditional love of the public. Depp has been nominated three times for the Oscar awards but has never been awarded. His first nomination was in 2004 for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean but in that year the prize was presented to Sean Penn by Mystic River.Johnny-Depp-2019

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