Red, White & Royal Blue succeeds in being mainly faithful to the source material. In terms of the romantic story arc of the main protagonists but abandons almost all other plot lines. The film glosses over all of those elements, even going as far as eliminating two crucial characters. The book was much more intricately woven with the political climate of that world and allowed for significant platonic friendships. Despite the changes that at first disappointed book fans, the film has received favorable reviews from critics and viewers for good reason.


Henry and Alex are brought to life by Nicholas Galtizine and Taylor Zakhar Perez, who occupy center stage and have amazing chemistry. Henry benefits greatly from Galtizine’s performance, which brilliantly blends wit, innocence, and soul. He was obviously protective of the prince’s kind disposition and aware of his mischievous side, which emerges once he feels at ease. Perez captures Alex’s sarcasm and precociousness in an appealing way. It is lovely to witness as they progress together from being superficial rivals to flirtatious flirting to serious and dedicated. You can watch Red, White & Royal Blue 2023 full movie on Flixtor website.

Red, White & Royal Blue 2023 review

The sequences have a great ratio between the many aspects of their relationship and classic rom-com camera work and tempo. The humorous situations accentuate their wit, while the more intense love scenes grow incredibly sensitive. This film achieved exactly what it set out to do and is quite secure in its genre. Fans of the book will like the movie, but I think it would be best to consider it as a separate effort from the book because they are so different.

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