2020 is the great entertainment year for the Disney movies lovers because in 2020 Disney going to release various movies. Here the list of various new Disney movies arriving in 2020:

1. Underwater: Underwater movie is telling about Nora Price with a group of scientists who explore the underwater world. She, like her colleagues, has to live for a long time on a specially equipped underwater base, where the bulk of the work takes place. Despite professionalism and physical fitness, not everyone can afford to constantly be in such conditions, and Nora is one of the few who are used to it. An earthquake occurs, the epicenter of which is located at the bottom of the sea near a scientific base. Part of the infrastructure has been destroyed, and now scientists themselves must work their way to the surface and fight for their lives. This movieninja is going to release on 10 January 2020.Underwater-2020
2. The Call of the Wild: The story of Beck, a friendly dog ​​whose measured domestic life was turned upside down during the gold rush in the 1880s, when he was torn out of his home in California and transported to wild and cold Alaska. As a newcomer to the postal service team, and subsequently a leader, Buck finds himself in an incredible adventure, finds his place in the world and becomes the master of his life. The Call of the Wild will going to be release on 21 February 2020.

3. Mulan: The Disney Flixtor 2020 Movies classic ‘Mulan’ tells us the story of Mulan, a young Chinese woman, the only daughter of the Fa family, who decides to enlist in the imperial army to prevent her elderly father from being called up to defend the Emperor from harassment of Huns When the imperial emissary carries out the order to recruit the men of all families, Mulan will impersonate a soldier and undergo hard training until he deserves the esteem and confidence of the rest of his squad.  The premiere date of ‘Mulan’ is March 27, 2020.


4. Onward: In a suburban fantasy world where there are no humans, two teenage elven brothers embark on an extraordinary quest to find out if there is still any magic out there. It’s a world where there are only elves, trolls and goblins. Unicorns are so common in the place that they are considered pests, so much so that they can be seen eating rubbish on the streets. The Disney movie is going to be released on 6 March 2020.

5. The New Mutant: The movie is based on the Marvel comics, this new 20th Century Fox movie makes the New Mutants jump to the screen for the first time. The plot tells about the five mutant teenagers locked up against their will in a secret unit. There, the heroes are forced to face their own destructive abilities and past sins. They have to save not the world or the universe, but themselves. This Moviesjoy is going to release on 1 April 2020.


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