In this action thriller movie Eric is a young guy. The young guy (Eric) discovers supernatural abilities in himself. He has incredible power, similar to that which was described in ancient Norse mythology. The hero is able to control the elements and do many other incredible things that will take your breath away. People know what the Gods from ancient myths were capable of, but they could not imagine that such a power would be possessed by a simple man of flesh and blood. Now the young guy has to decide how to use his incredible skills. Possession of such power is a huge responsibility, and now it falls on the shoulders of a simple guy. Download & stream new movie Mortal 2020 moviesjoy free of cost.

Mortal movie Review-2020

I had a good expectation, but it was not as I expected, themovie script is good, the sequences silly, and the performances empty but the photography and the scenery are beautiful. The movie’s cast is not justified in their roles. The performance of the lead actors is terrible. On the other hand, the characterization and scenarios draw the context well. The fights are decent, despite not showing the characters’ powers as much.


The story should have had a little more work, but it’s not bad, it just ok for me. You should watch this movie.

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