These are the best Netflix TV shows and movies to watch this Valentine’s day:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015): Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) is a successful young lawyer who takes a sharp turn in her life to seek love. He leaves his job in New York and moves to a small town in California to try to win back Josh, a childhood summer love he had not seen for ten years and has spent much of it.


You (2018): Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), an obsessive but brilliant New Yorker, takes advantage of new technologies to conquer Beck (Elizabeth Lail), the woman of his dreams. Thanks to the hyper-connectivity offered by modern technology, Joe goes from stalker to boyfriend, because using the Internet and social networks he gets to know his most intimate details to get closer to her. Thus, what began as a charming crush, will become an obsession while he, strategically and silently, gets rid of all the obstacles (and people) that cross his path. if you like to watch this movie free of cost then visit flixtor site, Here you can stream free netflix movies and tv series without any registration.


How I met your mother (2005): Ted (Josh Radnor) tells his two children how he met his mother and what his life was like until he finally found true love. He counted on it with the help of his friend Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), a somewhat extravagant young man, addicted to sleeping pills and very skilled at meeting women. When Ted meets Robin (Cobie Smulders), an impressive young Canadian who has just moved to New York, she is completely sure that it is love at first sight.


Always Be My Maybe (2019): Sasha and Marcus have been friends since childhood. People were sure that sooner or later they would start dating, so much time friends spent together, but they themselves did not even think about it. Their paths diverged after school, and Sasha and Marcus meet again only after 15 years. It seems that now they are ready to seriously think about relationships with each other.


Hitch (2005): His name is Alex “Hitch”, he became a legend in New York, hundreds of couples met using his unique technique. Thanks to him and his knowledge, many men were able to achieve their ideal soul mates. His new client is Fat Albert, a very timid and shy accountant who is madly in love. Alex resolutely takes up this matter, realizing that this will be one of the most difficult cases in his practice, but he will be confronted by a very impudent shark pen Sarah Melas, a leading socialite in the central newspaper of the city. This acquaintance will prove fatal for both, Hitch will understand that all his methods are already past and Sarah should become his soulmate. Check out another Movies Joy films streaming website. Here you can stream new netflix movies without any downloading.


Love (2016): This irreverent romantic comedy follows the story between the kind and tender Gus (Paul Rust) and the shameless and crazy Mickey (Gillian Jacobs). This couple must deal with joy, lack of intimacy, commitment, and other things that both hoped to avoid in a relationship.