Actors who deserved Oscar for their acting

Here the list of actors who deserved Oscar for their acting

Robert Downey Jr.: Although in recent years he is known primarily for being ‘Iron Man’. Downey Jr. has a great filmography behind him and not always in films as ‘easy’ as superhero titles. So versatile is Robert Downey Jr. that he went from being nominated for this role in 1993 to rejoining the Oscar for 2009 as Best Supporting Actor in another wacky Ben Stiller comedy. We hope that the Academy can redress these ‘injustices’ and the actor work will be recognized with the highest award in cinema. Watch flixtor full movies online free in 1080p HD print. Get more new upcoming Hollywood movies free for download without any membership.



Will Smith: Most struggled to get used to the idea that Will Smith could also make dramas. Even get to move deeply with his performance. Two titles were enough to convince the public: the wonderful and tearful “In search of happiness” (for which he was nominated) and “Seven souls” (another drama). Then he took on other great challenges on a physical level, such as becoming the legendary boxing champion “Ali” a role for which he fought for the second time for that precious Oscar.

Will Smith


Brad Pitt: Although he has been nominated three times for the Oscar, even that is not enough recognition for a career full of successes or for a talent like his. Far from being trapped in ‘handsome roles’, he has explored all its facets and demonstrated his ability to transform into anyone: into a foul-mouthed gypsy, into a vampire, into a disturbed person, into an IRA militant, into an old man, into a projection of a bipolar mind and in the very death. Now watch and stream Flixtor 2020 Movies online in High Definition Quality. No registration is required on this site.92nd Annual Academy Awards, Show, Los Angeles, USA - 09 Feb 2020


Johnny Depp: He is one of the great actors who has participated in a variety of popular films. And filled the box office with his commendable performance and won the unconditional love of the public. Three times Johnny Depp has been nominated for Best Actor in the Oscar awards. His first nomination was in 2004 for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean but in that year the prize was presented to Sean Penn by Mystic River. He is the most deserving actor to win Oscar.


Sir Ian McKellen: The actor who is well known for his iconic role as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit or Magneto trilogies in the X-Men films. He has been nominated only twice for the Oscar. The first was in 1999 as the best leading actor for Gods and Monsters and the second in 2002 as the best supporting actor for the first installment of The Lord of the Rings. Watch online free best monster hunter movies in HD.


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