At this point, and shortly after eleven years since the premiere of Iron Man (2008), trying to analyze the phenomenon that has caused the cohesive universe of Marvel Studios does not make much sense. Their stories and characters have already settled in popular culture with deep roots, and the great mass of fans that drag has positioned these films at the top of the billboard. Each premiere has become an event that can not be ignored after twenty-one films in its catalog, within which there have been successes and failures, but, undoubtedly, the support is unconditional and is what has allowed to build a narrative world of a colossal size.


The stories presented in the MCU are incredible and spectacular events, where entire countries are moved to save the population, inter dimensional holes open up in the sky or intergalactic battles endanger life on Earth, but, after all, those who are protagonists of these sagas must live with the consequences of their actions and that is something that was in debt in the previous films. However, the first part of the three hours of “Avengers: Endgame moviescouch” focuses on the direct effects of Thanos’s plan and how the survivors must deal with them.

The film takes the necessary time to deepen these effects and dig into particularities that had been left aside, as they are characters that do not need introduction, although this time you want to make clear its complexities. This is achieved thanks to the intimate and leisurely journey that explores the corners of the iconic characters and who started this saga, and being new territory for this type of production, at first it is difficult to find a rhythm that allows to establish this objective clearly. Fortunately he finds it, and from there the adventure advances vertiginous and building upwards.


From this beginning we can see the consciousness of redeeming characters that have been left aside and exploit to the maximum those who have taken the great weight of supporting this gigantic machine, so that they do not skimp on releasing a range of emotions around Their protagonists; These are responsible for what happened, they try to fix the chaos and establish the order of things, but it is not easy, so the notion of equipment and unity must prevail as it was in the beginning. Although not everything is surrounded by a gloomy and catastrophic tone, as one of the keys to the success of these films lies in the dynamics between their characters and the humor that lightens the danger they face, so dialogues and funny situations attenuate the extensive footage. Visit Movies Counter site for watch and download more full free movies like avengers endgame.

All the narrative construction – which at times risks entrapment in itself, but manages to move forward without problem – is building the third most epic act of the MCU. At that moment the thousands of pieces begin to assemble correctly and everything proposed in the previous tape makes sense. The almost explosion of the screen is justified and the succession of events will leave the fans in a high degree of exaltation. It is the culminating moment and, favorably, it is above all that has been done before, causing the defects presented in the previous tape to be fixed, and ending up being a satisfactory film capable of fulfilling all expectations.


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