The genre of action films lived splendid years for the 1980 Review the blockbuster action films of the 80’s . Download Mp4 Movies of 80’s Directly.

The action genre is one that has as many fans in the film world, and the eighties was the best, as it lit the beginning of sagas featuring characters as John McClane and Rambo. Review the blockbuster action films of the 80’s and see preparing your VHS tapes.


One of the most important films of the decade and the world of film in the genre of action and mafia.It has been one of the most grossing films and reached the audience with Brian de Palma in the direction and Al Pacino in the title role.

Die Hard (Die Hard)

In 1988 he arrived in theaters the character of John McClane (Bruce Willis), a former officer of the New York City Police Department, who showed little human capacity to deal with a terrorist group.Die Hard has had several sequels.

Aliens return

This film James Cameron devoted to the genre of science fiction and action demonstrated the qualities and strength of actress Sigourney Weaver, considered since then as one of the toughest film actresses.

Terminator 2

If by “Alien: The Return”, James Cameron is one of the leading names in the world became the cinema, with Terminator 2: Judgment Day devoted his career. The same thing happened with Schwarzenegger.

First Blood (Rambo )

This film turned into an icon Sylvester Stallone action movie. Who who likes movies of this genre has not lived a hundred percent the exciting showdown John J. Rambo, a veteran of the Vietnam War. InCornered Stallone suggests its capabilities as an actor in action so well have given during his career

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Archeology professor Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is not a typical teacher. Dr. Jones has an interesting side job: He works as a hunter of precious historical treasures. In 1936, is sent on a top secret mission Indiana Jones from the CIA.