Director:- Dave Wilson, Gabriele Pennacchioli

Writer:- Peter F. Hamilton, Philip Gelatt

Cast:- Helen Sadler, Hayley McLaughlin, Time Winters

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- In the underground world of "beastie" fights, Sonnie is unbeatable -- as long as she keeps her edge


Director:- Víctor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres

Writer:- John Scalzi, Philip Gelatt

Cast:- Josh Brener, Gary Anthony Williams, Chris Parnell

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- Long after the fall of humanity, three robots embark on a sightseeing tour of a post-apocalyptic city.


Director:- Alberto Mielgo

Writer:- Alberto Mielgo

Cast:- Emily O'Brien, Ben Sullivan, Matthew Yang King

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- After seeing a brutal murder, a woman flees from the killer through the streets of a surreal city.


Director:- Suits

Writer:- Steven Lewis , Philip Gelatt

Cast:- Neil Kaplan, G.K. Bowes, Scott Whyte

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- A community of farmers use their homemade mechs to defend their families from an alien invasion


Director:- Owen Sullivan

Writer:- Philip Gelatt , Tim Miller

Cast:- Michael Benyaer, Fred Tatasciore, Laura Waddell

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- Unleashed by an archaeological dig, a bloodthirsty demon battles a team of mercenaries armed with... cats?


Director:- Víctor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres

Writer:- John Scalzi, Janis Robertson

Cast:- Maurice LaMarche, Alexia Dox

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- After scientists accidentally breed super-intelligent yogurt, it soon hungers for world domination.


Director:- Dominique Boidin, Léon Bérelle

Writer:- Tim Miller, Philip Gelatt

Cast:- Henry Douthwaite, Madeleine Knight, Rebecca Banatvala

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- Awakening after traveling light years off course, a ship's crew struggles to discover just how far they've come.


Director:- Oliver Thomas

Writer:- Tim Miller, Philip Gelatt

Cast:- Elaine Tan, Matthew Yang King, Gwendoline Yeo

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- The son of a spirit hunter forges a bond with a shape-shifting huli jing.


Director:- Javier Recio Gracia

Writer:- Joe R. Lansdale, Tim Miller

Cast:- Nolan North, André Sogliuzzo, Gary Cole

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- Ugly Dave calls the garbage dump home, and he's not about to let some city slicker take it away from him.


Director:- Gabriele Pennacchioli

Writer:- Marko Kloos, Tim Miller

Cast:- Graham Hamilton, Adam Bartley, Jim Pirri

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- Deep in Afghanistan, two Marines with supernatural powers face a threat from one of their own kind.


Director:- Jon Yeo

Writer:- Claudine Griggs, Philip Gelatt

Cast:- Elly Condron, Christopher L. Parson

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- Stranded in orbit, an astronaut must choose between life and limb before her oxygen runs out.


Director:- Damian Nenow

Writer:- Joe R. Lansdale, Philip Gelatt

Cast:- Kirk Thornton, Yuri Lowenthal

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- After their car breaks down in the desert, two salesmen take a dreamlike voyage to the dawn of time.


Director:- Jerome Chen

Writer:- Philip Gelatt, Marko Kloos

Cast:- Samira Wiley, Daisuke Tsuji, Nestor Serrano

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- After the drop-ship Lucky 13 lost two crews, no pilot would fly her... but rookies don't get a choice.


Director:- Robert Valley

Writer:- Philip Gelatt, Tim Miller

Cast:- Kevin Michael Richardson, Emma Thornett

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- The renowned artist Zima recounts his mysterious past and rise to fame before unveiling his final work.


Director:- Vitaliy Shushko

Writer:- Vitaliy Shushko, Tim Miller

Cast:- Aaron Himelstein, Carlos Alazraqui, Jill Talley

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- A gang of cyborg thieves stage a high-speed heist of a heavily armored convoy.


Director:- Tim Miller

Writer:- Michael Swanwick, Tim Miller

Cast:- Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Topher Grace, John DiMaggio

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- A young couple moves into an apartment and finds a lost civilization inside their antique freezer.


Director:- Víctor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres

Writer:- Philip Gelatt, Tim Miller

Cast:- Rebecca Riedy, Dieter Jansen, Scott Whyte

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- Want to see Hitler die in a variety of comically fantastic ways? Now you can. Welcome to Multiversity!


Director:- István Zorkóczy

Writer:- David W. Amendola, Tim Miller

Cast:- Stefan Kapicic, Bruce Thomas, Jeff Berg

Genre:- Animation,Comedy

Description:- Elite units of the Red Army fight an unholy evil deep in the ancient forests of Siberia.