ROMEO AKBAR WALTER is the account of a nationalist who goes out on a limb while spying in foe nation. It is 1971. Romeo Ali (John Abraham) works in India in a bank. He remains with his mom Waheeda (Alka Amin) who is overprotective about him since Romeo’s dad had kicked the bucket while serving the nation. Romeo also has the enthusiasm to work for India yet is unfit to do as such because of his mom. Anyway one day he meets Shrikant Rao (Jackie Shroff), head of RAW, and he requests that Romeo go along with them and keep an eye on Pakistanis on their dirt. Romeo concurs and before leaving for preparing and inevitable outing to Pakistan, he deceives his mom that he has been advanced in the bank and that that is the reason he has been sent for preparing.

In Pakistan, he figures out how to astutely win the trust of arms vendor Isaq Afridi (Anil George), who’s near General Zorawar (Purnendu Bhattacharya). While keeping an eye on their discussions and exercises, Romeo discovers an essential data. The Pakistani powers are arranging an air strike in Badlipur zone of the then East Pakistan. This piece of Pakistan is getting defiant and needs freedom. The revolutionaries in the interim are being prepared by Indian powers and a great deal of them are positioned at Badlipur, where the Pakistanis intend to drop bombs. What occurs next structures the remainder of the Hd movies counter.


ROMEO AKBAR WALTER has a stunning begin however then goes downhill. The film experiences issues at numerous spots. Gatherings of people probably won’t most likely fathom what’s happening in the story. Many groupings are hard to process particularly how Pakistanis begin to confide in Romeo so effectively. A couple of scenes do start intrigue like the recess point, Colonel Khan (Sikandar Kher) looking through Romeo’s home, the falsehood identifier test succession and so forth. In any case, such scenes are quickly trailed by not really energizing or defective improvements. The most recent couple of minutes do bring out energy and endeavors to move watchers and the creators succeed just somewhat as it comes past the point of no return in the day.

John Abraham, gives his hundred percent. The justmoviez may frustrate yet he won’t. His dull articulations work great for his character. Mouni Roy has a fascinating part to paper. In spite of the fact that she progresses admirably, her character gets a crude arrangement. Jackie Shroff is trustworthy yet at spots, it’s hard to comprehend what he’s talking. Sikandar Kher overflows dread and fear and gets the highlight right. Suchitra Krishnamoorthi (Rehana Kazmi) is fine yet has almost no to do. Anil George is damn amazing. Raghubir Yadav (Mudassar) leaves an imprint. Purnendu Bhattacharya is alright. Rajesh Shringapure (Awasthi) and Nawab Afridi (Shadaab Amjad Khan) progress admirably.



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