Hard Kill is an action movie. In this story, Donovan Chalmers (Bruce Willis) hires some mercenaries to safeguard the great secret of his company. Despite this, a terrorist group manages to kidnap his daughter to get closer to him.

Years go by and action movies are not what they used to be. There is no movement and the script is what it is, so, as much as we have affection for the good Bruce Willis, we cannot give it another rating than failure. Watch Hard Kill 2020 hdpopcorn latest movie free online.

It is not convincing because it is almost a Series B movie in which the director does what he can with a written script to fill and a budget that does not give much, except to have Bruce Willis and give him some scenes (in this film he has a role, do not believe, because in the last few came out and only served to show off as a star in the poster of the movie). It does not work by characters; it does not work by script. The plot is carried out with dignity, but no one couldn’t do much with the raw material that the director had been given.
The movie tries to maintain tension and interest. The subject of the AI project is even interesting, but the thing without scenarios, without good actors, without a script. This movie falls out of viewers’ hands and there is no way to bring it to fruition. All I want to tell this is Another failed action movie.