Most Underrated Movies

In the 2018 many movies were launched with mega-hype, only to wind up branded as financial disappointments. Others were indie-produced Cinderella that got lost on their way to the ball. And one was a legendary film Maudit that appears well on its way to becoming a footnote. What do they all have in common? Here is list of the Most Underrated Movies of 2018.


Two men return from the Second World War and decide to work in the Mississippi countryside to make some money. For the men, the environment is still getting used to as they are treated differently than at home or on mission. In their new home the men are confronted with racism and take on the barbaric social culture. They have a lot of trouble with racism and do their best to adapt to life after the war netflix123 movie.

The Submarine Kid

The Submarine Kid is about Spencer Koll, a marine who returns home after a terrible experience. He has trouble returning to his normal life. He meets a woman named Alice, who becomes very important to him. Yet his past continues to haunt him. Alice tells him about the story about The Submarine Kid at a party. At the same party he tries to break a fight between his friends. At this moment he gets a flashback and because of that he injures one of his friends. He has more and more flashbacks and Alice tries to calm him down. But whether this will work.

To The Bone

To The Bone is a film about the 20-year-old girl Ellen. She suffers from anorexia nervosa. She has little appetite and sports a lot, while she is already very thin. She is eventually helped by an unusual doctor. The violent film gives an image in the life of an anorexic patient and her family. In the film you can see the problems that anorexia brings with it. The problems her family is experiencing from the disease. She deals with the disease and gets to know herself better. She gets to know different people, so she meets herself as a person.


Anon is set in the near future, where we no longer have privacy, ignorance and anonymity. The lives that people lead are transparent, traceable and mapped out by the authorities. It therefore seems that an end has come to crime. Sal Fri eland finds out that there is a young woman who does not have a digital footprint and is therefore invisible to the police. Sal realizes that this can well be a beginning of crime instead of the end, which was thought before.


In Annihilation we follow a group of four women a biologist, anthropologist, psychologist and invigilator. The women are sent on expedition to a dangerous area when Kane, the man of one of the women, returned as sole survivor but later ended up in a coma. In the area, the women find out what ensured that no one except Kane came alive from here. Now it is still important to live from the area where no laws of nature apply and to prevent the area from spreading.

The Outsider

In Japan, the American deserter Nick Lowell is released from prison and released into a ruthless city. The city that was full of Japanese old traditions is now suffused with modern industry, leaving nothing of Japanese culture. Traditional yakuza families fight against their rivals who are led by huge criminals. Nick, aimlessly and with regret, Nick tries to repay a debt to his cellmate Kiyoshi and the old Osaka family who has bought his freedom.

The Babysitter

The twelve-year-old Cole is in love with his rebellious babysitter Bee. Together the two spend some time while Bee fits Cole, until it is time for Cole to go to bed. After Cole went to bed, he decides to go downstairs to see what’s going on since Bee has brought some friends to the house. While Cole watches how the friends play a game of bottle playing, a whole new world opens up to him. But then the evening takes a completely different turn and Cole has to get herself in safety for the babysitter and her friends.

Only God Forgives

The American Julian lives in Bangkok and is a respected figure in the underworld. Together with his brother Billy he has a box club which serves as a cover for the drug trade to America. When Billy is murdered, Mother Crystal comes to Bangkok to bring Billy’s body back to the United States. Because Mother Crystal herself is the head of a criminal organization, she wants the same revenge and the one who killed her son dead. Zee gives Julian the assignment to do this.

Fundamentals of Caring

After Ben has experienced a tragedy, he goes to work as a health care provider to make money. Meanwhile, Ben goes through a divorce where he is not easy with it. Ben Trevor is the first customer to receive a special relationship with. Ben asks Trevor what he would like to do if he did not have a disability, after which they would do everything that Trevor had ever wanted to do. The two build up a special bond during their journey in search of hope and friendship. Stream complete afdah movies online here.

Beasts of No Nation

The young Agu is forced to work in the army as a child soldier when the war breaks out in the West African country where he lives. Agu is afraid of the sadistic commander and the people around him, which cause his youth to be violently disturbed. Agu’s father is murdered and his mother and sister are without trace, which leaves him to his fate and causes him to lead a cruel and violent life in the army.

The Other Side of the Wind

Why aren’t we still talking about this movie? Why isn’t it popping up on more Ten Best lists? Yes, I know: Orson Welles started shooting it more than 40 years ago — but it finally opened in theatrical release, what, just last month. Doesn’t it qualify for laurels bestowed by critics and industry insiders? Or do most cineastes, even the critics whose notices weren’t merely respectful but downright enthusiastic, think of “The Other Side of the Wind” as an exotic oddity that, whatever its strengths or flaws, started to lose its novelty value the moment it was accessible for public viewing.

People’s Republic of Desire

Despite winning the top documentary prize at last spring’s SXSW and earning a raft of favorable reviews during the recent kickoff of its theatrical run, Hao Wu’s provocative and unsettling film about China’s live-streaming culture and the online hosts who can attract thousands of gift-giving fans has failed to achieve the breakout success that some other nonfiction features enjoyed this year. More attention should be paid: “People’s Republic of Desire” is consistently fascinating and often jokingly funny as it presents a real-life version of a sci-fi style scenario, one that immerses you in a brave new world of the future that, for better or worse, already is here.

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