In order to find your free movie downloads, you will need a website that acts as a directory for the uploaded torrents.  You will not be downloading directly from this website, since they merely act as a list of available files.  Torrents are shared on a peer to peer basis and you could end up downloading sections of the file from a selection of different people who are located all around the world.  Your torrent client program performs the function of assembling all of these pieces correctly into a complete file.

It is one of the longest surviving torrent directories, and proudly displays this fact on its homepage, calling itself the world’s most resilient Bit Torrent site.  This year, the slogan changed to the galaxy’s most resilient Bit Torrent site.  Direct movie download are available free from this website, though recently the site has moved away from providing torrents, and now uses magnet links.  These can also be downloaded through your existing torrent client program.

Another torrent directory with an extensive selection of movies.  Again, these are direct movie download through your torrent client, and you do not need to register with the site in order to be able to download.  The large directory can be searched in order to locate the movie you are looking for, and you can also filter results by file size and type, which is a useful feature.

When you first start to search online for Direct Movie Download you will encounter a variety of terms that you probably won’t have seen before.  The main ones you will see are:
1.  Seeder.  A seeder is a person who has a full copy of the file and has made it available for other people to download.
2.  Leecher.  A leecher is a person who is currently downloading the file and does not yet have a full copy.  The leechers may be making what they have available for download, which is considered good practice by the downloading and file sharing community.  Another word for this is downloader, which some people prefer because it does not have the negative connotations associated with leecher.
3.  Hit and Runner.  These are people who download the torrent and then disappear from the website without seeding the file.  This behaviour is highly disapproved of, and the term hit and runner is a derogatory description for such people.

This article only gives some examples of the most popular torrent directories; there are many more available if you search online for free movie downloads.  Just ensure you have a torrent client installed on your computer before attempting to download, and then you should find the process very easy.